61st German-Scandinavian Music Week

Concerts 60th German-Scandinavian Music Week 

International Choir and Orchestra Week

From 12th to 22nd April 2025, about 120 young musicians will meet at the German-Danish border for this 61st choir and orchestra week. Within ten days, a demanding program will be developed, which will then be presented in two public concerts. The work takes place in tutti rehearsals as well as in register or voice rehearsals, which are led by instructors for the various choir and orchestra groups.

An important aspect of the music week is the international encounter. The focus is on encounters between Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Germany. However, the circle of participants is not limited to this. In 2023, a total of twelve nations were represented.

Program 2025

The program will be announced in summer.

Choir or orchestra?

When registering, we ask for a commitment for the choir or the orchestra atelier. All participants will also have the opportunity to take part in joint choral singing as well as to work on chamber music in a wide variety of instrumentations. The results of this work will be presented in three house concerts during the music week. Scandinavian and international folk dance will also be offered as a joint event.

The course is intended for music students and music teachers who want to broaden their experience in orchestral playing, and for good amateurs who can meet the high demands of the program, as well as active choir singers (choir experience and sight-singing skills are required). Working languages are English and German, minimum age is 16 years.


Have a look at the commemorative publication for the 50th anniversary of the German-Scandinavian Music Week (1962-2012) here:

Commemorative publication (german language)